Heavy Duty Surefix Lined Clip

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What is a Heavy Duty Lined Clip?

Heavy Duty Lined Clips are essential to pipe installation. They are important when it comes to suspending pipework in place alongside the use of threaded rod, as well as securing the pipework to increase stability of the system and reduce movement.
Our Heavy Duty Lined Clips come with a M12 Boss attached.
The Rubber lining is important to help reduce vibrations in the pipework as well as suppressing noise.
The Rubber lining is tested to DIN4109 for Acoustic use.
Heavy Duty Lined Clips are ideal for Copper, Plastic and Stainless Steel Pipes


Mild Steel
BZP Finish

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Grip Range

60-69, 75-81, 83-91, 102-112, 122-138, 153-164, 196-209